5 Things Great Remote Leaders Don’t Do

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Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

1. Don’t Spy On Their People

Going remote meant that leaders experienced the true meaning of trusting their teams.

2. Don’t Get Stuck In Old Ways Of Doing Things

A religious devotion to how things have always been done is the shortest point between an organization and irrelevance.

3. Don’t Make People Feel Left Out

Remote work can either bring us together or push us apart.

4. Don’t Abscond Their Leadership Responsibilities

When the air is filled with uncertainty we need our leaders to shine bright.

5. Don’t Obsess Over What People Do With Their Time

At the heart of much of the frustration that leaders have experienced over the past few months is the fact that at the office you could see people clock in and clock out. This somehow being code for ‘people are getting things done’.

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